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LMS Agrarberatung – Centre of Agricultural Advice Service

Dear Sir or Madam,
"Complete advice and analytical services for agriculture and environmental sector"
– it is a mission statement for LMS – the Centre of Agricultural Advice for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Schleswig-Holstein Ltd.

We provide a wide range of services in the areas of directing the business, production and technology set up and business economics. Our affordable fees, quality of service, repetitive nature of service and the number of advice offices located around Mecklenburg-Vorpommern secure our stable and successful position in the market.

In our business activities we advise on growth of productivity, profitability and financial liquidity of businesses working with us.
Additionally we supply information about latest developments in production, sales market and environmental strategy. We provide extensive information equally for both organic and conventionally operating businesses.

LUFA Rostock (Chemical-analytical laboratory for agriculture) is a service laboratory, which operates using latest analytical methods and offers a full spectrum of the laboratory tests for the agriculture and forestry industry. This laboratory has a long history and was incorporated by our Centre in 1992. LUFA Rostock has its own webside

LMS carries out many statutory tasks for the local government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. For instance: socioeconomical advice, collecting data from the experimental centres, controlling fertilisation processes, administering liquid waste storage registers, running selected statistics for the results of harvest, management of the specialist agricultural centre as per statutory requirements for the liquid and biological waste deposits. On top of all this, we organise regular informative seminars/meetings and publish specialist bulletins, for instance "LMS-aktuell".

A competent advice service will be absolutely necessary in the future.
Our operation relies on instant and addressable transfer of information. It became obvious that the information requires frequent updates – "what is up to date today can be a history tomorrow". Farmers, in order to stay competitive must become fluent in management of various fields.
Use of our service expands the knowledge, enhances the competency and improves the effects of business – this generates self-esteem and brings success. The wide range of our activities and many years of experience of LMS and LUFA along with the quality of our service are always beneficial for the customer.
Typical individual advice service will still play a significant role, however bigger companies will opt for group advice services, exchange of experience, workshops, seminars and special lectures as well as joint educational travelling. Our consultancy is being developed and updated continuously by means of specialist publications, telefax information, e-mail and Internet. We acknowledge that the future of our activities will rely on digital media, mainly due to the speed of data transfer.

We will be pleased to offer you our service.

Berthold Majerus
General Manager of LMS


  • LMS Advice Service Economics Department undertakes full economical analysis of the company, taking into consideration each element of the core business. Our consultancy provides support in strategic planning and setting direction of farming. The main focus is aimed at final Accounts analysis, planning and calculating the cash flow strategy, audit, support in planning company’s investments and in applying for subsidies or other financial supplements. We also give advice during the selection of suitable methods for a company’s development. The economical analysis of the company performance is always fundamental for our specialist advice service.
  • LMS Advice Service Plant Production Department aims for an effective and ecological control of the production process in crop farming. Fast flow of information, continuity of advice service along with optimal utilisation of farmland are our main objectives. To deliver them, we concentrate on the following: evaluation of species, matching crops with quality of soil and individual or group advice concerning appropriate seeding material, fertilisers and pesticides. All this follows the consultancy process. Every year we publish the bulletin "LMS report – plant production in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern". This publication contains analysis on a variety of directions in production concerning a business, which we support. Thus we show direction for further development.
  • LMS Advice Service Animal Production Department – farming of cattle and fodder plants, offers a wide support in business economics and production technology. The firms, which use our service, are shown how to achieve profitability in milk production, and how to continuously improve economical results of their business. We are focused on individual and group consultancy concerning technology and management. We apply latest computer software for the analysis of the entire herd, viewing the context of pasture fields and the entire farm’s business performance. Every year we publish the bulletin "LMS Report – cattle farming in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern". It is a complex information database for the concerned business. The results of our work are reflected by the fact that farms using our service achieve better results than the statistical national average.
  • LMS Advice Service for pig farming is organised around the Association of Inspectors and Advisors M-V (SKBR). The main objective of this service is to increase the profitability of pig farming. Qualified advisors from SKBR provide advice about production technology and business economics. Individual and group consultancy, training and informative seminars are the integral parts of our operation.
  • LMS has been accredited to provide assistance in obtaining the quality certificates of the "QS-Qualitätssicherungssystem", a system for quality assurance. LMS achieves this by supporting the implementation of individual quality standards. We assist in all stages of the process, starting from administration of documentation, followed by fodder samples test analysis or salmonella monitoring programme.
  • LMS Advice Service Sheep Farming Department provides a big support for the company’s economics and offers solutions for production technology. Our advice service is carried out in co-operation with the Association of Control and Advice for the Lamb Farming M-V (KBRM). Additionally LMS publishes quarterly sheep news "Schafe-aktuell in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern".
  • LMS Advice Service for Organic Farming provides fundamental support for all who want to undertake this type of farming. We offer advice about the transition process into organic farming, as well as covering full expertise in the field of economics of business and production technology. We can provide the latest information regarding organic farming.
  • LMS Advice Service for Fishery maintains its leading role among the consultancies offering similar service. Around 60 % of all fishery companies and angling associations use LMS consultancy. The main activities in this field are: advice related to economics of the enterprise, preparing reports by court sworn experts and carrying out environment and water analysis for presence of contamination. LMS is co-publishing the specialist magazine "Fischerei & Fischmarkt in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern", which is very popular not only among local readers.
  • LMS Advice Service Horticultural Department provides support in business economics and production technology for the owners of fruit, decorative plants and vegetable plantations. The main objective is to increase the profitability in all sectors of gardening. Additionally we provide information about various forms of farming, i. e. integrated, organic and conventional. We also carry out analysis, planning, evaluation and control of horticulture production.
    Updated information can be found in the two-monthly bulletin for horticulture "Infoblatt für den Gartenbau in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern", which is also co-published by LMS.
  • Advice Service in socioeconomics offers professional assistance in agriculture, law and accountancy for all businesses, which experience social or economical difficulties. Thanks to our confidential phone line our conversations remain anonymous. Our socioeconomics advisers have the registration and accreditation of the state to evaluate the state of bankruptcy.
  • The Department of Protection of Environment offers extended assistance for agricultural businesses, craftsmen and public administration in meeting statutory regulations concerning protection of the environment. It refers to design, building and setting up production of various manufacturers and industrial plants in agriculture. Our duty among others contains the preparation of appraisals for emission of ammonia, unpleasant smells, noise, dust and many other procedures checked in accordance with statutory regulations concerning emissions to the environment. We also carry out full environmental analysis along with field metering of smell and noise levels.
  • Nominated public sworn experts from LMS carry out evaluation of farms (properties and mobile assets, production technology, current production line), but also losses in agriculture, horticulture, fishing and fish farming together with fishpond accessories.
  • Building advisors from LMS help to deliver undertaken developments and to rationalise both animal and crop farming.
  • LUFA Rostock, department of LMS – Combined tradition and advanced technology in analysis and consultancy.
    LUFA (Research and Analytical Laboratory for Agriculture) is a main analytical centre in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. For detailed informations about LUFA see


LMS Agrarberatung GmbH
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